Life After College: Finding Your Purpose

I’m really struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’ve just graduated from college and I want to know what my purpose is. How can I do that?

- Sam

Hi Sam,

Congratulations on your graduation!

I would like you to ask yourself this question: “How did I know what I wanted to study at college?”

To help you out with this, when I ask myself that same question about choosing to study business, I know it’s what I wanted to study because it felt exciting. It felt like possibilities, growth and success. It is these feelings that were the driving force behind my choice.

Chances are that you probably felt some of these feelings as well, as you made your decision. Isn’t that what separates why we prefer one thing to another? So you already have the tools you need to decipher what you want to do. Your work now is to trust those feelings in making your next choice!

But there is a caveat to this. Don’t try and figure out one path that you will stay on for the rest of your life. It is not realistic at all because as you experience more, you will get more clarity on what you want and your preferences will change. Just choose the right path for now. If you continue to do this, you will naturally be led to the next and the next and next, at the right time.

I never thought I would become a TV host and writer. I thought I wanted to become a banker and dominate business! In fact, I was in the world of finance for some time before I moved into media. But when I look back at all the things I have experienced, I notice a common thread – whatever I chose at the time was the most exciting idea at that time.

Anjali McQueenComment