What is PJS and Pixels?

PJs and Pixels has been a labor of love a long time in the making. We decided to take our own destiny into our hands and bring highly entertaining Movies, Digital Series, Interactive Comic Books, Novels, and AR/VR to screens around the globe. Our love of movies, TV, and comic books fuel our drive to merge fast paced entertainment with cutting edge technology and engaging storytelling. As kids we were the comic nerds that waited eagerly for the latest version of The Avengers, and watched every episode of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Jeffersons. Now we are ready to bring our own quirky, entertaining projects to the screen. From comedy to horror to drama to sci fi we got you covered.

What does it cost to be a PJs and Pixels member?

We chose to offer our viewers the ability to watch what you want, when you want with no monthly commitment! Most of our Pay-Per-View programming is available for 99 Cents and our monthly subscription is only $1.99!

There are some charges for premium seminars and events.

What's included with my PJs and Pixels Monthly Subscription?

  • Access to Premium Content

  • Free Downloads

  • Monthly Seminars and Special Events

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Access to Strive Daily

  • Engaging Articles

  • Live Events and much, much more.


Are there any Strive daily Live events?

Yes. Beginning June 2019 PJs and Pixels will host monthly events across the United States.

Will Strive Daily provide fitness related content?

Yes beginning February 2019 fitness related content will be provided with your Strive Daily membership.


Should Strive Daily Advice be substituted for medical advice?

No. The advice given on Strive Daily are tools meant to compliment existing advice from a licensed professional. Always follow the directions given by your licensed medical professional caregiver.