What is PJS and Pixels?

PJs and Pixels has been a labor of love a long time in the making. We decided to take our own destiny into our hands and bring highly entertaining Movies, Digital Series, Interactive Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and AR/VR to screens around the globe. Our love of movies, TV, and comic books fuel our drive to merge fast paced entertainment with cutting edge technology and engaging storytelling. As kids we were the comic nerds that waited eagerly for the latest Avengers comic book, watched every episode of The Six Million Dollar Man (yes even the one where he battled Bigfoot) and rushed to the multiplex for The Blair Witch Project. Now we are ready to provide our very own platform for highly entertaining genre projects. From superheroes to horror to fantasy to sci fi we’ve got you covered.

What can PJs and Pixels do for my content?

We can get your content the recognition and exposure you deserve (not to mention our signing bonus and generous payouts). Additionally, we are a Hollywood based company and we use that close proximity to get your content in front of Hollywood Movers & Shakers. in short, it’s our goal to form long-term relationships and jumpstart careers!

Is there any guarantee my film, series, or comic book will be accepted?

Unfortunately, no. We only take on a limited amount of content and we are highly selective.

Do you accept full length feature films?

Rarely. And those that we do become part of our Pay-Per-View Program.

Do you fund shorts?

Yes we do; however; we do not take unsolicited projects or scripts.

Where are you located? Can I drop by?

Of course. Drop us an email and we’ll schedule an appointment..

What about that $100 bonus?

A guaranteed signing bonus of $100 a month for up to 3 months.